Update counts on main topic list after returning from a new link

(Rikki Tooley) #1


  1. Discourse Meta
  2. Open a topic link in a new tab
  3. Read topic
  4. Close tab, return to main list


  1. Read counts are updated on return


  1. Read counts aren’t updated

I know the counts are updated occasionally already, could this be extended to support the above scenario?

Unread not updating after viewing site in another browser
(Kevin P. Fleming) #2

This would require communication between tabs. Is that even possible?

(cpradio) #3

This doesn’t make any sense. HTTP is stateless. So the state of one tab should not be affected by the actions of another tab.

Yes, JavaScript apps could technically pull this off by polling the data, but no one in their right mind would poll that much data. You simply want to poll the important/critical data (notifications, the counters in the top nav, etc).

This goes well beyond that and isn’t necessary at all and shouldn’t be expected.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #4

I suspect the JavaScript code in a tab can get notified when it returns to being ‘visible’ after a period of time being invisible, that could be used to trigger a refresh.

(lid) #5

It probably could be accomplished on browsers that support window.postMessage

it is nice to have but doesn’t seems like a critical feature.