Update from 1.2.1. to latest

I have installed discourse through package center on synology but there’s discourse 1.2.1.
So how do i update discourse 1.2.1 to latest version ?

There are lots of people trying to repackage Discourse for a multitude of reasons, all of them introduce pain and complexity. If the Synology package has no upgrade route (we don’t support these for that precise reason) the best route would be to take a backup of your install and follow the official installation guide.

We can’t guarantee that said backup will restore to 2.2, that 1.2 build is more than three years out of date, but it’s going to be the best bet.


Is git working as update so i can at least merge files ?

We can’t say either way if the package bears any resemblance to what’s currently available on GitHub - you would need to contact whoever maintains the Synology package to ask them that.

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This is why /u/admin-login doesn’t work.

But still i managed to login already

You’re asking us to support a version of discourse that’s three years out of date, installed in a package created by a third party.

Why aren’t you asking synogy these questions?


Because the OP is looking for an actual solution and the odds of getting one here are bigger?

Let’s not blame someone who just bought a device in good faith for the stupid decisions of the manufacturer of that device…


That’s really the point though, owning a Synology doesn’t mean the only place you can run Discourse is said Synology, hence the suggestion of the (supportable) official install guide.