Update rtl support for discourse


update rtl support for discourse
update rtl for post page
update editor
update category page :
update main page : …
update search box …
update user activity …
and many … other



pull request:


by me and @Simon_Cossar

Automatic RTLing

post 2 reserved for admin rtl css

(Simon Cossar) #3

We should clean this up a bit and try again in a day.

It works quite well:

(Kane York) #4

For future reference:

  • When you make additional changes, push them to your Update-RTL-Style branch (Quasem-h:Update-RTL-Style) and they will be included in the PR automatically.

(additional changes, as in the admin interface)

(Simon Cossar) #5

Great! It’s getting to be a huge file. If we were to break it up into sections, what would be the best way to import the sections? - for example I created the file admin_base.rtl.scss to override the ltr styles in admin_base.scss . It is 400 lines long. I have been importing it in common.scss. Where would be the correct place to do that? Or would it be better to just keep it all in rtl.scss?


Admin Full Rtl
by me and @Simon_Cossar

and all other option