Updates to our website, help

(Sabi) #1

Hello, my friend & I created a website on this server & we lost the person who did our updates for us. We are both trying to learn how to take care of the site on our own but we are having issues. Can anyone help us out, our site repeatedly crashes because it’s so out of date with all the updates Discourse has issued. We have version v1.7.0Beta4 currently.

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

(James) #2

Go to yourwebsite.com/admin/upgrades and press upgrade all. You should update everything once a week.

(Sabi) #3

Is being as out of date as we are going to cause issues with upgrading? It’s not making much new progress.

(James) #4

What issue are you receiving whilst upgrading?

(Sabi) #5

It stalls out while upgrading. The pic bellow is a screenshot of how far it got before stopping.

(Geran Smith) #6

It doesn’t look like it is erroring out, I’d just let it sit there. The update can take a bit depending on your system resources.

(Sabi) #7

It stayed like that for 45mins so I just stopped it cause I needed to go to bed & restored our site to a previous save point.

(Sam Saffron) #9

Please run the update from the console.

ssh yourserver
sudo -i 
cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

(Sabi) #10

Sorry what do you mean by the console? Are you meaning my website or someone on discourse? My brain seems to be on vacation.

(Kris) #11

By console he means the command line for your web server. Do you know who you’re paying to host the site?

(Sabi) #12

Digital Ocean group is who we pay. Right now I can’t even access our website, this happens a lot because of it being so out of date.

(Kris) #13

So, if you’ve never done this before, the easiest way to access your console would be to:

  1. Log into your Digital Ocean account

  2. Click “access console”

  3. You should now get a line that says “yoursitename login:” (if you get a black screen with no text, click it and press any key) — typically your username would be root

  4. Then you’re asked for your password… this is likely different than your account password.

    • If you don’t know your password, you can reset it by clicking your site name from the Digital Ocean dashboard (the screen I’m showing above)… and then clicking “Access” in the sidebar. This should bring up a “Reset Root Password” button. It will email whoever owns the Digital Ocean account.
  5. Once you’ve logged in to the console, you then can type in these commands to get your site running again. Enter one line at a time, then hit enter. The last one will take a little while.

      sudo -i 
     cd /var/discourse
      ./launcher rebuild app    

(Stephen Chung) #14

I wonder if the reset password email will be sent to the guy who already left…

(Sabi) #15

What if the screen has writing in the box. I took a screenshot

edited to add: I’ll be available for the next half hour, then my sleep-aid tea kicks & I’m too loopy to function. I will check back in the morning. Thank you so much to everyone who is helping :grinning:

(Kris) #16

Looks like you’re running out of memory, which is likely what was causing your site problems in general.

It would be a good idea to increase the amount you have available. From your site’s dashboard in Digital Ocean you can go to the “resize” page.

From there you’ll have to click on “power off your Droplet” and then try moving up a size (2GB is generally enough). The options listed here may vary based on how you were set up, so it may not look identical to what’s below.

After going through that process you should be able to follow the instructions posted earlier.