Updating software resets Lounge security?

(ampburner) #1

Pretty simple:

  • I changed the lounge security to ‘everyone’ can see, reply,etc.
  • install discourse update via admin docker panel
  • permissions for the lounge are reset to ‘level 3’

Is the lounge some kind of built in system category that is defined inside the container? (and hence reset upon rebuild)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yes, it is a built in category.

(ampburner) #3

How should I deal with the permissions for the lounge category if I don’t want it to be private?

(Bill Ayakatubby) #4

I suggest you create and use a new category rather than trying to reuse the Lounge. The Lounge is inherently meant to be only for >= TL3:

(probus) #5

I admit I didn’t like the automatic Lounge category in the first place, but not allowing admins to change it seems very wrong to me. Updates shouldn’t reset settings to defaults.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Guess who isn’t getting invited to the lounge next time!

(ampburner) #7

Agree, I would say this is a bug. Resolutions:

  • Don’t overwrite settings upon update.
  • OR, if you feel strongly that it’s a system category - remove the ability to configure this specific setting, since it will be overwritten anyway.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

This is by design. If you want the Lounge, then it has to be with default security. If you want something different, delete Lounge and create a new category configured as you prefer.

(ampburner) #9

Still think it’s weird, but fair enough.

(Nathan Rijksen) #10

This seems like a really weird “by-design” choice, what is the reasoning behind forcing this type of behaviour on users of your software?

Even so - if you really want to preserve this “by-design” behaviour I would suggest making it non-editable and expressing that this is “by-design” such that people don’t rely on this Category just to find out they have to delete it and make another one like it later on.

On the subject of deleting and creating a similar Category - would I be able to name this new category “Lounge” or does Discourse have a reservation on that name?

You should not be allowed to change Lounge security
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