Updating the title


How can I replace the title of my page with an image that acts as a link?

I mean I can easily write the HTML to do this but I am unsure if it is possible to insert HTML/CSS in this area. I have already made a customer header etc.

Under Admin > title it seems not to be. Yet I can see that Discourse itself has used an image (per below) and presumably I can do the same and also make it link to a bespoke URL.

Thank you

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I’m a little bit unsure about what you’re referring to but just to confirm:

Are you referring to this?

or are you referring to this?


The second one is what i’m referring to.

This is the site logo. If you visit


You’ll be able to configure a number of important things about the site. One of those is setting the different logos to be used


Thanks, Joe, but my question is whether i can replace that with a HTML snippet? That way i can create an image that acts as a hyperlink.

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