Updating title when using Japanese characters does not work



Our japanese users are trying to uppercase the “ai” part of the title. When I edit the title and save, i don’t see my changes. I still see ai instead of AI.

We tried it on multiple browser (Chrome, Edge)

Any idea?

(Joe) #2

Hi @sebastien,

Can you please copy the text and add it here so I can try to reproduce the issue and see what’s causing it?

(Mittineague) #3

Might this be the ALL UPPERCASE IS NOT ALLOWED (whatever it’s called) setting?


Here is the title
お申込受付中! 「ai時代のビジネスに使える!世界で最も進んだ写真活用術」

(Mittineague) #5

(un)check this setting

AFAIK it is known to cause problems with Chinese, but it might be related to your problem as well.


After setting both title and body entropy to 0 + un-checking “Title prettify”, I still have the same issues. That’s weird.