Upgrade broken? The page you requested doesn't exist or is private

(Kainzo) #1

I am logged in as admin - I am running the manual installation.

(cpradio) #2

What version are you currently running?

(Kainzo) #3

A new version of Discourse is available.

Your version: 1.0.3
New version: 1.1.0

You may want to:

See what’s new in the GitHub changelog.

Upgrade by visiting http://forums.disposableheroes.net/admin/upgrade, and pressing the “Upgrade” button.

Visit meta.discourse.org for news, discussion, and support for Discourse.

Release notes

(Jeff Atwood) #4

By “manual install” do you mean not Docker based? If so then this is not supported here.

(Kainzo) #5

Docker isnt supported in every environment - im not asking for a full blown write up on how to make this function :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sam Saffron) #6

Docker manager is ONLY supported on Docker installations.

Also, the Docker install is the only supported install. If anyone out here wants to help you, they are free to help you. However the Discourse team can not help you at all here.

(Kainzo) #7

I appreciate that and understand the situation - I’m just not able to use Docker nor do I ever want that on my servers. While I do enjoy using this forum software, I may be at a loss to ever move off this version.

Appreciate it!

(Markus) #8

I have installed a Bitnami image based version (1.1.0) on AWS. I’ve got the same problem each new release.

What can I do?

(Kane York) #9

If you aren’t running the docker install, you don’t get the neato upgrade button. Sorry. Can’t be done for technical reasons.

(Markus) #10

What is the (technical) reason for that? Are there any AWS docker based discourse images out there? I’m looking for a 5-10 minute install solution.

Thank you all in advance

(Tom Wells) #11

I’m using the Docker installation of Discourse and it looks like the upgrade is handled by and within a docker container. I assume it’s just been coded to do that. I just upgraded this morning without issues on the docker version of Discourse without issue.

(Kane York) #12

It can’t know whether you’re using Unicorn as the web server or if you’re using something else, so it can’t properly restart it. Using Docker makes the setup uniform, so it always knows how to restart the web server.

(Tom Wells) #13

This is a much better answer. I’m still learning Docker so I sounded like a complete noob! :slight_smile: