Upgrade console has no content during upgrade

(eriko) #1

When I run an upgrade via /admin/upgrade the upgrade works but the console never shows what is happening and the grey “upgrading…” button stays greyed out and the “Reset Upgrade” buttons stays available. While upgrade does happen and complete the upgrade page shows not status and does not complete. Any thoughts.

Docker, multisite, Current docker image and code base, Docker version 1.6.1, build a8a31ef/1.6.1 on Oracle Linux (7 RHEL7)

(Michael Downey) #2

I have seen this happen a few times. In those cases the upgrade actually happened, just no visual feedback. Give it 10 minutes or so and check back at /admin/upgrade and see if it shows up that you’re up to date.

(eriko) #3

Yes I get that the update runs but I really would like to see what the console is out putting.