Upgrade has changed the volume folder locations - what goes where?

(Thisgeekza) #1

I am using a data container and a web_only container. In the old(er) container templates, the shared volume for both containers was located at /var/docker/shared.

The upgrade recommendation is to rename /var/docker to /var/discourse, which I have done.
I’m busy updating my containers/data.yml and containers/web.yml to the new sample versions, but the data.yml shared volume now points to /var/discourse/shared/data and the web_only.yml template points to /var/discourse/shared/web-only.

My question is: What folders from the old consolidated /var/docker/shared folder goes in to /var/discourse/shared/data and what goes in to /var/discourse/shared/web-only?

My old shared folder contains the following list of folders:


I’m assuming postgres_* and redis_data go in to the data folder, and the remaining folders go in to web-only?

My concern with this is that the new container builds picks up my existing data. I really don’t want to have to build brand new containers and restore from backup if I can avoid it.

(Kane York) #2

If they were sharing the shared folder before, I see nothing wrong with them sharing the shared folder now. Apart from possibly log confusion.

Just point them both to /var/discourse/shared and it’ll behave the same as before.

(Thisgeekza) #3

Thanks - though ideally I’d like to get the folder locations to conform to the templates… just makes updating them a bit easier later on.

For what it’s worth, I did the following, as mentioned in my original post.

I created shared/data and shared/web-only. Deleted the logs folder. Moved the postgres_* folders and redis_data to data and backups, uploads and vendor_bundle to the web-only folder. Created corresponding log/var-log folders in the two container shared folders.

I successfully bootstrapped my two containers from the new samples.

(Sam Saffron) #4

backups <- web
log <- web
postgres_backup <- delete
postgres_data_old <- delete
postgres_run <- data
redis_data <-data
uploads <- web
vendor_bundle <- delete