Upgrade link and DNS CNAME aliases

(Jim Ehrlich) #1

Just a note on behavior when clicking the upgrade link in email announcing a new version. This may be the behavior you want.

I have several DNS CNAME records which amount to aliases for my Discourse site. I normally log in using one alias, logged in as admin, and the new version announcement uses another. When I click the email link I get a blank page because I am not logged in at that CNAME. Perhaps there should be a login screen instead. If I open another tab and log in as admin with the CNAME of the upgrade link, then reload the upgrade link page, all is well. It confused me for a while.



(Jim Ehrlich) #2

As I consider further, this is going to be a problem if a user logs in using one CNAME variant (say forum.DOMAIN.ORG), then later follows a link using another variant (say DOMAIN.ORG). Either I need to eliminate the CNAME redundancy, or Discourse should learn to recognize the user regardless of which variant is used. Have I got this right? Suggestions?


(Kane York) #3

I suggest you set up redirects in nginx to make one subdomain canonical. That’ll be just easier all around on the cookies.