Upgrade link should always be visible (or as long as there are new commits)

(Dave McClure) #1

Continuing the discussion from How to update to Discourse 1.0?:

Release schedule post version 1.0
(Jeff Atwood) #2

I think people who are interested in constant updating will probably know that the URL


is available any time… I view this as a power user feature. We plan to have pretty regular point releases, which the Discourse owner will be notified about via email as the version increments.

(Michael Downey) #3

Hiding the upgrade feature behind an ancillary system like email is a poor design decision.

Empower admins, don’t hide things from them.

(ben_a_adams) #4

Currently probably only by accident. I’d agree that a continuous upgrade probably shouldn’t be on the dashboard as I assume there would likely be more bugs than there would be in a point release; but its quite a good system and should perhaps be somewhere on the UI.

Maybe on the backup tab? As if you are going bleeding edge, you should probably be aware of backups :wink:

(Michael Downey) #5

More real-life proof that advertising upgrade functionality is the right thing to do:


I have to agree. I see plenty of settings in the admin panel that I would consider to be aimed towards “power users”, so I fail to see why the upgrade functionality should be hidden.

(Dave McClure) #7

This isn’t exactly what we’re asking for here because you may want to upgrade on one of the faster moving channels between actual ‘releases’, but it does sound like there is more support for the general idea now.

(Robin Ward) #8

I’m not following. If you follow the latest channel you’ll get the latest tests-passed. Beta channel will have a release once a week. Stable, once every 8-10 weeks. What use case am I missing?

(Dave McClure) #9

Are you planning on bumping version numbers on tests-passed any time between BetaN and BetaN+1? If not, tracking tests-passed will be the same as tracking beta…

I think the logic would be better if the link was always visible if there are any new commits on the branch you’re tracking, rather than just when there are version-bumps.

(Robin Ward) #10

I see what you mean. What you suggest should work, although I think version numbers make more sense for a user to see in a non-latest channel than commits.

On latest it should probably say you are X commits behind. On other channels it should say “Current version is x”