Upgrade, theme problems

I just updated discourse to the latest version and had two issues.

  1. font was changed to a serif font. I went into the admin panel and it showed helvetica as the font. I changed the font, saved it, changed it back to helvetica, saved it, and it worked. One of those ‘I fixed it, don’t care why’ things :). So, resolved.
  2. I have three themes available; light, dark, and shades of blue. after the update, light is actually implementing shades of blue. i.e. doesn’t matter if I select light or shades of blue, I get shades of blue.
    I’m not clear on even where to start testing on #2. Any thoughts?
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The day I did the upgrade, I had multiple users with the problem noted in #2 above, including confirmed myself (as admin).
The next day it seems to have resolved itself - they are two seperate themes again. Confirmed by multiple users, and my user as well. I did nothing.

So, resolved…no idea what changed.