Upload folder missing many files

When I restored data on a diff droplet, same domain name ('backup’s and ‘uploads’ both are configured/lying on S3 in diff folders), only some 9 files are restored in the current uploads/original/1x folder. Even though I’ve checked that that the tar.gz backup file (lying on S3) does contain all the relevant 720 files in the same folder hierarchy.

And during the restore, uploads/original/2x folder didn’t get uploaded at all into the S3 bucket.

And 80% of ‘user avatars’ also not show. In some cases, users posts has user’s avatar, even his ‘change your profile photo’ dialogue shows his correct photo. But else where (as under his account> Preferences, or near top right hamburger menu) the same photo doesn’t show.

What should I check next?

Edit: I changed the category of the post from ‘Support’ to ‘Bug’. If I’m wrong, kindly change it back.


A bug would need steps to reproduce. Refiling as support for now.

Keeping backups and images in the same bucket isn’t advised. Do you still have the original bucket?


That’s not something restore does. You need to run the rake task uploads:migrate_to_s3 for that.

They are being regenerated in the background. You can avoid this by enabling the “include thumbnails in backups” setting prior to making the backup.
If you didn’t, then the take task uploads:regenerate_missing_optimized will probably speed this up. Although patience does the job as well :smiley: