Uploading to discourse

i want to upload images to use it on the admin configuration for example default opengraph image url

also what about files i want to upload onesignal notification setup files to get it to work where and how to upload the files ?

For the opengraph, read the Admin Guide, it simply tells you to put it in the Assets topic in the Admin category and then use that URL in your setting.

For onesignal, it depends on what is necessary for that to work, not sure I know enough to answer that.

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@cpradio thanks now i know what to do about images
still onesignal wish to learn about it soon
thanks alot

Do you know what the instructions are from onesignal? That is what I don’t know, if you have them, I might be able to direct you into how.

Maybe read this topic:


@cpradio here you can find at the end of this docs that it should upload files to your website as well adding code to header abut the code it is easy but about uploading this is my questions

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@Mahmoud_Khalifa I’m not sure what you are using OneSignal for, but if you are using it for notifications on iOS or Android, do not follow the Web Push instructions, it’s a different thing. (Discourse has native web push support, you typically don’t need OneSignal for web push notifications in Discourse.)


@pmusaraj actually i don’t know more about discourse notification i should return to have a closer look on how it works
iam using onesignal on my other websites to sens the subscribers the hot posts and topics daily by rss using zapier integration for onesignal something like mailing list but “notification way”

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Ah, I see. Discourse’s own web push notifications will send updates to users for replies, mentions, quotes, private messages, etc. These will be sent live, so it’s different from the daily digest you’re trying to set up via zapier integration. Discourse does have a digest via email, which by default sends emails once a week, but can be changed by an admin in the settings:

You should also enable the push notifications prompt to more actively prompt users to enable the default Discourse notifications in their browser.

I wouldn’t recommend overriding the default Discourse web push notifications with OneSignal, you will end up removing some very useful features for your users.


@pmusaraj yes thanks now i have a good image and yes i agree with you those features is good enough and it is useful also for users engagement
thanks for support

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@pmusaraj where can i find this option in admin panel ?

Under settings, filter for push notifications:

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