Uploading .webm support?

(Crackmacs) #1


Just curious if webm was ever discussed? Checked /search but didn’t find anything. Webm’s are small and could be uploaded right alongside .gifs, no?

Thanks :heartpulse:

(Marcin Rataj) #2

I did a quick test and uploading .webm does does not create looped player.
I whitelisted .webm extension to enable upload and all I got was a download link inside of my test post.
I tried to take advantage of automated onebox but it seems to be disabled for links to local files.

I agree, it would be a logical feature if uploaded .webm and .mp4 created a HTML5 player inside of post, instead of ‘download link’. :wink:

PS. You may be interested in recent discussion about replacing .gif with looped .webm/.mp4. It is mostly about linking to external images.
Current consensus is that the swap can be done automatically for .gif from sites that provide .webm/.mp4 as an alternative format (It seems to be enabled for Imgur, see more here).
So if your users are okay with uploading to third party service, you can use it as a temporary workaround.

(Kane York) #3

I just made it possible to manually fix that:


I think that’s worth a


(Crackmacs) #4

ELI5 please haha

Does this mean the capability will be introduced to Discourse itself, or I’d need to apply your fix to my install?



(Kane York) #5

It means that anyone who “fixes” the link will get their uploaded videos oneboxed, but if they just use the upload file, it’ll be a download link.