Uploads / Trust levels / User Notifications

Just a quick question…

Is there any message that appears if an upload fails, or, if it fails because of a specific reason?

The reason I ask is that I have a user who is trying to upload a short video clip. They appear to be a new-ish user, they have only been a member for a couple of months and have not yet acquired “regular”. But their video upload seems to fail. I wondered if this could be because of any permission/trust reasons, and if so, would they not be shown a message that advises them?

Any info/thoughts would be appreciated.

Usually with videos is it about size because they tend to be enormous. I also recall a recent discussion about a video with a very unusual encoding.

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Hi Jeff, thanks for the reply.

The first video was about 5.5mb, the second apparently 7.5mb. We have a limit of 10mb set on our hosted solution.

I have had him share one of the videos with me via Dropbox and I was able to upload it as myself, and then I impersonated him and was able to upload it again.

I recall we had some issues with some videos before on the codecs that were in use, and I used the tool you mentioned, in this case they do appear to be ok, as the one I uploaded is embedded and plays fine - it just seems to be the uploading that is the issue.

I have asked him to try another browser (was using Chrome) and also to see if perhaps any firewall/anti-virus apps may be causing a problem, but I’d have thought that a bit odd for uploading, but perhaps not impossible.

At the time of posting here I wondered if perhaps there was anything trust based that may be preventing him from uploading videos, but then not showing a reason why. He seems to get to about 25% and then the “Uploading” message simply disappears apparently.

There’s no trust reason. He could have local anti-virus software or router level software that is interfering, particularly if you can upload the same file.

Have you had him:

  • try from a different computer (rules out local software interfering)
  • try from a different browser (rules out unusual browser config)
  • try from his smartphone with wifi disabled (rules out local network)

Have asked about the browser, will see if we can get him to try the other items too - the smartphone is a great idea - thanks Jeff :slight_smile: