URL route for admins to see all messages with a specific tag?

I am doing some tag spring cleaning, and am having some trouble finding all the messages with a specific tag. Is there a URL route to see it?
For example the url below shows all my messages tagged environment.

Update - I spent a few hours with this and am pretty much done. *phew*

Here’s what I learned. Out of the box, there appears to be no way to get to a list of messages containing a specific tag if you are not included in the messages… even for admins. However, since we use the ticket plugin we ARE able to see them at least for messages that are tickets. So for each tag I wanted to delete I could to look in three places first and take whatever action (eg add my new tag or delete the message etc):

  • /tags/TAG
  • /u/tobiaseigen/messages/tags/TAG
  • /admin/tickets?filters=tag:TAG

After taking whatever action I’d then refresh /tags to make sure the message envelope icon is no longer showing next to tags used in messages. Then I felt comfortable deleting the tag because I knew nobody was using it. If I still saw it I’d have to check the messages for other staff until I found the tagged message. Tags are only used in messages by staff, so this was not overly hard.

So… the advice for anyone seeking to use tags for messages (with our without the tickets plugin) is to set them up carefully ahead of time or be prepared to spend alot of time cleaning them up later. :slight_smile: Some tag management tasks are great (e.g. renaming tags) but other tasks (e.g. merging tags, adding/removing tags from filtered lists of topics, etc) will be super cumbersome until or unless more and better bulk actions functionality is created.

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