Use more standard smiley codes (`:)` instead of `😄`)

(ThiefMaster) #1

People are used to ascii smiley codes from other forums, chats, facebook etc. While for stuff like :computer: a named smiley code is is fine, stuff like :) and ;) should be kept like they are. And most important, when typing :) there shouldn’t be a suggestion list showing e.g. : 109 :.

Oh, and there’s a bug with smiley codes within markdown code tags: :109:


(Waleed Khan) #2

I was quite disappointed when I went to type :stuck_out_tongue: and instead I got some lame list of icons starting with ‘p’.

(Igor Polyakov) #3

no, I like my smileys to be in text, because I’m an adult

(SituationSoap) #4

Is there any reason that we couldn’t do both?

(Igor Polyakov) #5

because I might want my smileys to show up as text, but I want things coded as emoticons (like five of hearts card image on a poker site might be :5h:) to show up as images

and hey, if :slight_smile: was an emoticon my parenthesized expression above would accidentally get turned into a smiley

(Simon) #6

Well I think this is a totally different thing. I like smileys to be normal text, too, but as there is a graphic conversion feature already, it should (also) work on the more intuitive/standard smileys. If graphical smilies are displayed at all could be a user preferences option.

(Igor Polyakov) #7

I disagree because of accidental smileys like (there were 8) becomes a glasses smiley etc.

(Simon) #8

Ok, there are things that don’t work too well, but if you include the nose, e.g. 8-), it is quite unique. If you additionaly require them to be surrounded by whitespace, it should work well.

(SituationSoap) #9

Yeah, that’s always the downside of automatic smiley parsing. I wonder if it’s a feature that could be enabled on a per-forum level, and something that could exist as a sort of meta-metric to track for a few months to see which administrators prefer (or see if they simply leave it at the default and never notice it).

(Waleed Khan) #10

There’s obviously no ambiguity as to what to do to produce a smiley, so users won’t be confused as to why :slight_smile: doesn’t work. As such, I would frown upon breaking convention for backwards portability.

(Dave Land) #11

The use of “non-standard” smiley codes in Discourse allows you to have your plain text smileys. I’m not a fan of cutsey smiley images. I turn 'em off in any app that allows me to. But the separation of “:​smile:” from :slight_smile: allows you to have your “adult” smileys, and the kiddies to have their :smiley: smileys.

PS: As long as we’re all being “adults” around here, the smiley is spelled :-), not :). Source: My Alma Mater.

(Simon) #12

I don’t know what you all talk about that “adult” thing… I mean, I am certainly not liking smiley graphics (or even animated ones!), but what does their use has to do with being an adult? Defining your “adultness” by such things seems a bit silly to me.

(Waleed Khan) #13

While we’re on this topic, will we be getting an emote for things like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ? It’s fundamentally the same thing as :), just with a bit more detail.

:(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻: maybe?

(Endy Tjahjono) #14

I hate it when a forum software automatically replace the characters that I type with images. I prefer to have control whether I want to insert smiley image.

But if you have to have smiley image auto inserts, at least please provide a way to escape the syntax.

(Valts) #15

Sounds to me like the community is polarized in their opinions. I suggest making a setting in user preferences. I know that the goal is to keep the settings as simple as possible, but I believe that this one could really merit the society at large.

I myself am strongly in the graphical emoticon camp and would like to see a wide library of clear, visually pleasing emoticons (the current ones are not bad, but could be better). To me emoticons are the online equivalent of nonverbal cues in real life. When I talk to someone face-to-face I can use a number of different facial expressions and voice tones to convey my emotions. This is impossible online, unless you’ve an accomplished writer who wields words like a surgeon’s scalpel. Most people (me included) cannot do that, so they rely on emoticons.

The japanese(?) emoticons like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ are pretty cool, but I find them unredable for most part. This one’s still understandable, but others aren’t. So graphical ones still win.

(Johann Visagie) #16


A thousand times this.

(Alexander Dietrich) #17

Childish even? :wink:

(Sam Saffron) #18

Emoji is a plugin, have a look, its pretty much pure js.

Why not build a different plugin that hooks it up the way you like it, you could start from the emoji plugin source.

How do I disable emoji completion after `:`?
(Valts) #19

The problem is that text emoticons are very limited. Basically you only have :slight_smile: :frowning: :confused: :expressionless: 8) :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :) :( :/ :| 8) :D :P and their variations with noses. Anything else already gets obscure and many people won’t get it. There are no standard emoticons for emotions like shyness, embarassment, confusion, feeling unwell, amusement, wondering, sleepiness, etc.

Graphical emoticons on the other hand are far more expressive. Certainly, you can’t get every possible feeling in there, but vastly more than in plain text.

(Johann Visagie) #20

On the other hand, the nice thing about plain text is that it can be used to construct… you know… words.

OK, OK, I’m being facetious! Personally, I’m happy to use a forum that supports graphical emoticons as long as I have the ability to disable them.