Use new/absent feature to redirect to Categories

I’d like to use the “Redirect users to top page” setting to instead push those new/long absent people to the Categories page. Does anyone suggest the best way to do this?
(I don’t list the “Top” page on the navigation menu, so there won’t be people going there otherwise, so I can safely push every visitor of /top to /categories)

:question: Bonus question: Does anyone know what is considered a “long absent” user and how long one is considered “new”? Because I default all new users to TL2 (it’s a closed paid-only community, so spam isn’t an issue), so hopefully “new” is based on time, not trust level.


Is bumping a topic frowned upon here? I just wanted to check in again if there are any answers on this one I’m missing. I’ve never been able to reliably use HTML to tell what URL the current user is on in Discourse when I’ve tried in the past — otherwise I would just use a common HTML redirect code for /top -> /categories

This original request is going to require some major hacking and should not be needed anymore.

We now allow users to pick their own home page, so you can just default to /categories and teach users to set prefs to /latest if they wish

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