Use trusted open source cdn's

(xXAlphaManXx) #1

I have seen that my CDN has been getting a huge load. So, i went on to check various open source CDN providers and found to have jsdelivr the lesser latency and faster content delivery.

So why not use their CDN to host libraries like fontawesome and other js like jquery etc? Loading these frequently used files load up the servers and exhaust my resource. So, how can i change theme?

Any idea would be much appreciated.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Because that would create multiple CDN dependencies (and multiple HTTP connections), instead of a single CDN dependency and single grouped HTTP/2 request to a single domain. Here’s what I see:

Note that woff2 is the “more compression” version of woff –

(xXAlphaManXx) #3

Well, okay. Thanks. I understand about it :slight_smile: