User approval not working

Hi everyone - I’m hoping you can help with this.

A small number of our users are showing as Not Approved. When I go into their profile and approve them, I get a message saying they are approved at that the user will be sent an activation email. However, back in the main user list they are showing as Not Approved and the user has also not received their activation email (they’ve checked in their Spam folder too). When I go back into their profile they are still showing as Not Approved.

Are you using sso? Are users getting their addresses approved on the wordpress side?

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SSO is done on the WP side via a plug in (our users sign up on WP and are automatically added to Discourse). The issue is that some people show up fine, others show up as “Not Approved” and some don’t show up at all.

Are you using the WP Discourse plugin for SSO? If you are, do you have the ‘Create or Sync Discourse Users on Login’ option enabled?

On Discourse, do you have the ‘must approve users’ setting enabled? If you do, I would expect all new users to require approval.

When I test this on my dev site, I am able to approve users who have registered with SSO. The approved users show as approved in the admin user list and they are sent the Discourse “You’ve been approved…” email.

What version of Discourse is your site on? You can see the version on your site’s Admin / Dashboard page.