User can’t see a particular subcategory

I’ve a trouble in my forum.
Only one user got trouble

After He click Category, He can’t see one of “sub categories list”. Normally, He can see all of sub categories in there. Right?
There is one of subcategories is not appear.

I’m sure that this user got access “group” for this category.

I’ve tried with another user, everything is running well.

I think, if I remove that user from group, and -re-add member in that group, is it possible to solve this problem? But I’m affraid, are all of his posting will be deleted automatically?
It will be big trouble if all of his posting will be gone.

or do you have another solution?


Changing someone’s group won’t delete any of their posts.


No posts will be deleted.

Have you already checked the user settings to see if he has muted the subcategory for example?