User can't edit the title of a post moved to restricted access

I encountered a bug where a user that doesn’t have the ability to post a topic in a certain category, but asked a mod to move their post to the restricted category where it best fit. The user has the ability to reply to and edit the body of their topic, but the user is unable to edit the Title of their topic.

I have no idea if this format is proper of if I explained well enough

Posts don’t have titles. Only topics have titles. Not really sure what you’re talking about here. Did you mean to say category?


Sorry I’m not 100% understanding right now.
Is this a post, or a thread?

The post or thread (still not clear as to which it is) got moved to a restricted category.

It’s a topic, discourse doesn’t have threads. Topics have posts.


I’ve edited my post with the proper wordage hopefully it’s better explained now.

Also, I believe this is a bug, not just an issue with not knowing how to use Discourse.

What permissions do they have in the destination category? Just see? Or See and Reply?


The user is able to see & reply. Just can’t add a topic unless a Mod moves it to that category.

It stands to reason that if they can’t create topics then they can’t rename them either. Editing their posts makes sense.

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They could rename them prior, so why is it that only the renaming is taken away? Shouldn’t you also lose the editing too?