User card and mention problem for the some users


We have a problem in our Discourse forum. We’ve detected the following error on some users:

  • These user cards do not work.
  • We are also unable to tag these users.

What could be the cause of this problem?

We are using the latest version of Discourse.

Are their settings for
Profile -> Preferences -> Interface -> Other
Hide my public profile and presence features


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I noticed something strange today. On my user card the about section was showing. But on a members user card about section was hidden. I couldn’t find a setting to figure it out. The rest was showing but about section missing.

Are they real, valid logged in users or staged email users?

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Real, old and active users. Never had a problem before.

I can’t visit their profiles at this time. Also I can’t mention these users in any message.

The problem still continues. I can’t find a reason.

Are you part of the staff group/admin on the instance, and are you using your staff account?

I had a problem today on my forum, unable to access records of a user. I could see them on the admin member list, but I couldn’t see any of their details e.g. associated accounts, and their profile images had gone.

After some digging, I realised their user profile was a “phantom” as Discourse had automatically deleted their profile! :rage:

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Yes, i am using admin account on the instance. But a member from the staff told me this problem.