User Card Badge concept

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Could you please explain the meaning of User Card Badge concept so I can make a correct translation and add it to the Transifex glossary.

Related translation keys:

User Card Background

User Card Badge

Deprecate "User card badge"?
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User Card Background, click on your username, that is the User Card. The setting allows you to put an image on the background of that card.

User Card Badge, adds a small icon on the bottom right of the User Card (click on my username to see an example).

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Please check if I understand this correctly:

Selecting A User Card Badge
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Yes, except there’s a minor error, the badge should be larger. It can also be an image, not just a glyph.

Selecting A User Card Badge
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Thank you!

  • Added User Card to the Transifex Glossary
  • Added comments for both keys to Transifex, including the link to this topic

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