User cards with <hr>s cause wrong descriptions


The bug: When you open a user card that has a <hr> in its description, all other user cards you’ll open until the next full reload will look like the one with the <hr> in it.

I added one to my user card here, in case someone wants to see a repro.

Link to another card: @system

(Apparently Archetype) #2

I believe you should have the same issue with my user card.

you certainly do with it on another discourse forum i frequent.

my user card:

Not necessarily evil, but most definitely mischievous.


Oh hi, you looked below the fold! have a :cookie:

(Apparently Archetype) #3

interesting. you also can’t see anything below the HR in my user card either…

not sure if that’s by design or not though.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Hmm that is a very weird one, @eviltrout you should have a look.



's all the way down.

(Robin Ward) #6

We use a jquery plugin there to trim long profiles so they don’t take up too much vertical space, and insert an ellipsis afterwards. The issue here is the <hr> adds a lot of vertical space so it doesn’t have a place to insert the ellipsis.

I’m not sure what an appropriate fix would be here – not allow users to insert <hr> tags? Strip them from cards?

(mountain) #7

I think this is a reasonable solution.


But how does that explain subsequent user cards showing the old stuff?

I mean, the truncation is the least problematic part of this. It makes sense for a user card. Showing the same thing for other users is clearly a bug.

(Robin Ward) #9

Yes sorry, there was also a bug with the ellipsis library. I didn’t mention it but I will fix it at the same time as we come up with a solution.


And the markdown aliases for <hr/>, unless they’re used for <h1>s?
Although, wouldn’t headlines also invisibilify ellipses, too?
EDIT: Didn’t realize that <h1>s do get stripped from the card - but not from the profile.


Actually, that’s only half-true:

  1. <h1> - headlines show up both in profile and user card
Your text here

These show up in the profile, but not in the user card
3. #Your text here - headlines show up both in profile and user card

And guess what, headlines that appear in the user card have weird ellipses. But they don’t seem to overwrite other cards.


If only the user card description were itself a post, surely this entire catastrophe would be averted?

Andre the Giant thinks so anyway.

(Sam Saffron) #13

We should get this sorted for next release, its kind of bad.

(Sam Saffron) #14

Fixed via:

Long term we want to think about which tags and styling we really want to allow in the card.

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Issue is not fixed. This isn’t my bio:

I don’t think anything is special about the hr that’s causing this.

(Sam Saffron) #17

Its this magic jquery thing, at this point if we are just going to be fighting with the html I am simply going to strip all markup out and get rid of the crazy plugin

(Kane York) #18

I’m in favor of getting rid of a crazy jQuery plugin causing us problems… is it the thing responsible for truncation to a reasonable height?


Probably any singular html element that doesn’t close causes pisspoor html regex parser of a jquery plugin to crap bricks (img tags are the new culprit)?

Didn’t @codinghorror make a blog about this…


Testing… My profile has this html: (temporarily)

<img title=“fakemoji!” src= width=20 height=20 class=“emoji”></img>

It closes, but the there’s no actual image…

Edit, testing with actual image, still works.

<img title=“fakemoji!” src= width=20 height=20 class=“emoji”></img>