User-defined languages?

(Dylan) #1

Is it possible to have the user select their own language (with a fallback to en)? I noticed another thread about multi-site, but I’d like to have a shared user db for this - -pretty much, subforums with different languages for each.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

We don’t support this. Our thinking is that the model is more like Amazon, where each language has its own site – and the URL lets you know which language you’re going to get.

(Simon) #3

I would highly discourage anyone to offer interface translation on a per user level (e.g, using the Accept-Language header, geolocation, or manual selection). While it seems like a “good thing to do”, it actually does not make sense and might even confuse users in most cases and especially in a forum context.

Fact is, your forum will have one language as its spoken language, so people visiting your forum will need to speak that language anyway. Offering non-native speakers a translated interface won’t help them much, and from my experience, will be confusing, as you will have a mixture of two languages in weird combinations (and also date/time/number formats!).

In your case, you only need to set a language on a forum level anyway. Sharing user’s across multiple instances should be possible, as far as I understood it?

(Scott Schaffter) #4

We are trying to implement a community that involves a variety of international groups. Each group will likely have discussions around their own country and issues in their local language. However, the broader discussions between countries would likely be conducted in english.

The overall content area will be the across the board and so having one community makes more sense than having a amazon model where each site has a specific language focus.

I think it would be very beneficial to allow people to set their own language preference for the interface but set the default to be english. This would more along the facebook paradigm - where even though you might have discussions with people in different languages from different places you determine what interface language you want to use.

Is this a potential feature that others would be intersted in? We may be able to work on it if its still something that might be needed.

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(Chris) #5

+1 for language-per-user setting.

We’re looking at Discourse to help build our community. When (and if) our user base eventually grows, we expect an international audience where local user groups (defined by language) share a common goal.

An English UI will not work for us. :frowning:
Has this feature made it’s way up on the priority list?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

This is possible via a site setting now, to change the client localization to any supported localization.

It was contributed via community PR.

(Chris) #7

Thanks for answering.
So, in my preferences I should be able to set the interface to say, Spanish?
I can’t see that option.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Provided you have enabled the feature in your admin site settings, yes!

(Chris) #9

That’s very good news!
We will be meeting up soon to evaluate discourse before we go ahead.
Do you think you could activate this language settings for us?
Discourse has many new features, bells, and whistles. Native language makes the learning curve less steep and that’ll help us make a better decision.
Thanks again.

(Alessio Fattorini) #10

Sorry if this isn’t the same topic but how do you manage subforums with different languages? With categories or subcategories?

(Chris) #11

I was going to suggest appending iso 639 code to catagory names.


Any thoughts would be truely welcome.

(Alessio Fattorini) #12

@tuttle could be a way
@codinghorror do you suggest any other alternative?

(Kane York) #13

It’s a site setting, so you just check the box in the admin panel.