User ended with base64-encoded UTF-8 in MIME header form garbage email address after signing up

(probus) #1

I just noticed that one of our newly registered users hadn’t activated their account. I looked at the sent email logs, and it looks like the signup confirmation email got sent to the address =?UTF-8?B?dGVubmlzdMOkaHRp?=. Obviously it never reached who ever it was meant to.

What is happening? Is there a way I can figure out the real email address of the user, so I can contact them?

(Matt Palmer) #2

That’s base64-encoded UTF-8 in MIME header form. The actual text that that ugly pile represents is “tennistähti”, which is not, in any meaningful way, an e-mail address. I doubt you’re going to be able to work out how to e-mail them.

Facebook sign up form doesn't validate email address
(probus) #3

Thanks, I wonder how that got trough the validation in the registration form. Or what happened afterwards.

I took a look at the user profile and it looks like they might have used facebook as their sign up method, since there is empty Facebook() under Login. Notice no actual facebook account in there and it’s also not empty.