User Fields actual name

(Tyler Thrailkill) #1

I am trying to figure out how to change the name of a user field from user_field_1 to something actually meaningful. I have seen that you can “register” custom fields in the after_initialize block, like so

after_initialize do
  User.register_custom_field_type('a_custom_field', :text)

Yet this isn’t actually creating the custom field on the signup page. I have not been able to find any docs for plugins here, so I’m left with asking how to do this. Is it possible?

edit: looking at some of the other posts it looks like register_custom_field_type isn’t actually for registering a sign up field. Is there any way of renaming the name of a custom user field or registering a user field programatically in order to have a human understandable name?

(Tyler Thrailkill) #2

I haven’t been able to get anywhere with this so far. Does anyone know if it’s possible?