User fields - where are they?

(PJH) #1

Where are these actually visible to other users?

(Mittineague) #2

Ummm, the member’s Profile page?

(PJH) #3

Ummm, nope.

Care to make another suggestion based on actual observation, rather than a WAG?



(Mittineague) #4

Sorry our forum doesn’t have custom user fields and I haven’t bothered with localhost as I’m waiting until the Core gets a bit more stable.

So you’re saying the option is there, and a user can see it in their preference settings, but other than that it isn’t anywhere else?

(PJH) #5
  • Yes,
  • yes, and
  • that’s what I’m asking.

(Lisa Wess) #6

If I’m understanding correctly this was the first iteration: to capture the information. But you can not yet make it visible:

(PJH) #7

Ah - ta - that didn’t come up in the first lot of results when I did a search…