User invites are not reaching destinations


When I try to send (or resend) invites to new users, I’m Discourse tells me the invitation is sent, but it does not reach the recipient. The sidekiq dashboard says the following, but I dont’ know what it means or how to go about fixing it…suggestions?

{"type"=>"digest", "user_id"=>2, "current_site_id"=>"default"}
Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped Net::SMTPAuthenticationError: 435 4.7.8 Error: authentication failed:


sounds like its unable to log in to your SMTP server in order to send the email

(Vinoth Kannan) #3

try this


Thank you both. I’ve consulted with a colleague who understands more than I, and he says:

After the default email provider Mandrill was bought by Mail chimp we’ve been unable to update our DNS records to point to the right place. Despite changing everything in digital ocean as you can see in the image below, traffic is still being pointed to the old records (see the Mailgun pointing to the MX records that don’t exist in the Digital Ocean DNS panel). Is there somewhere else in the discourse image where these records are? Essentially we’re stuck on step 3 from this blog post. Switching Your Discourse from Mandrill to Mailgun See pictures below: