User Listing Timing out

The user listing (Not admin view) is timing out for some reason. I attached a screenshot of the behavior.

I removed any custom SQL related to badges I thought that might be related, but still exhibiting this behavior.

Any thoughts?

Also to be clear it’s



can you look at the browser console please?

This seems to be the bottle neck: https://hostname/directory_items?period=weekly&order=likes_received

Also the console prints:

decorateCooked should be supplied with an id option to avoid memory leaks.
U @ _application-214645bb36395662c83353060d23e8f4b5da276a6dc424246d4aba6685dea9ea.js:22245

This is the code snippet that’s causing issues.

 function applyAttributeBindings(element, attributeBindings, component, operations) {
    var seen = [];
    var i = attributeBindings.length - 1;

    while (i !== -1) {
      var binding = attributeBindings[i];
      var parsed = AttributeBinding.parse(binding);
      var attribute = parsed[1];

      if (seen.indexOf(attribute) === -1) {
         AttributeBinding.install(element, component, parsed, operations);


Value of I from the console in screenshot attached.

as you can see the value of i is completely invalid, so not sure what is going on but it’s not a counter anymore. the i !== -1 is true so it never finishes. (I used the wrong check in the screenshot but i != -1 and i !== -1 are both returning true)


Any updates on this? Anything else I can provide to help debug the issue?

We are at our yearly world meetup for this week, so asking next week might work a bit better :wink:

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I see someone added the solution plugin. That’s awesome. :slight_smile:

Noted, I’ll check in later and hopefully someone can shed some insight on what is going on. Thanks.