User Login Issue due to adblock plugins in Firefox

Hi all,

I’ve not come across this one before, so hoping someone may have some suggestions.

I have a user who has recently registered, they prefer to use Firefox as their browser, but when they visit our hosted forum they are not shown any options on the login modal.

Here is a screenshot they have provided me with;

Their social login of choice appears to be Facebook, any known issues, or anything I can get them to take a look at?

I’ve downloaded Firefox myself and am about to install it, but I thought it was a bit odd that none of the buttons for logging in (Google, Twitter, GitHub in our case) are even displayed?

Thanks in advance for your awesomeness :slight_smile:

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Working fine here on Firefox 57.0.2 (the latest stable release):

What version are they running? (visible at about:support)

Are there any errors in the console? (visible with Ctrl Shift k, or Menu → Web Developer → Web Console)

Does it work when all add-ons are disabled? (you can restart Firefox in safe mode by going to about:support and hitting Restart with Add-ons Disabled...)

Does it happen on all Discourse instances, or just yours?


Hi Leo,

Thanks for the questions, I can forward these on to the user, appreciated.

I have installed the most recent version of Firefox myself and am unable to reproduce the issue.

I will forward your questions/suggestions of things to look at and see what I hear back - thanks, appreciated :slight_smile:


Firefox version : 57.0.2 (64 bit)

Log -

I gave the user the link to the Mozilla Discourse instance, whilst they don’t offer a Facebook social login, all of the other options appeared.

Looks like some issues from the screen capture provided above.

They aren’t able to restart the browser just get due to some work. Commitments but have said they will do so as soon as possible and come back to me.

Any thoughts from the above @LeoMcA?

Further Update

He user came back to me a little quicker than I expected.

Disabling the plugins resolved the issue, specifically it turned out to be adBloc Plus.

Thanks for your help Leo, I have learnt something new today which I can use in the future to support our users, appreciated. :slight_smile:


I imagine even with adblock plus enabled login would have worked as we don’t use discourse’s login modal at all on Mozilla Discourse (instead redirecting users to our authentication provider, Auth0).

If he wants to continue using an adblocker which doesn’t break your site (and is more lightweight than adblock plus) I didn’t have any problems when using ublock origin.

No worries, happy to help :smile:

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Thanks for the extra info, I’ll pass this on :slight_smile:

Almost certainly they have some ad-blocking plugin that is interfering with login. I am 100% sure in fact.

Try Firefox safe mode first in all these scenarios.

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Thanks Jeff,

These are handy things to know to help diagnose any future problems. :slight_smile:


Facing the same or at least a very similar issue here.

Fanboy’s Social Blocking List includes a rule to hide “btn-social” elements which means it will hide the social login buttons of Discourse (be it or your own installation).

Users’ affected by this will have to either temporarily disable their adblocker or add your site to their whitelist.