User mailing list mode preferences change

(Julian Somoza) #1

Hi! I have a user who wants to receive email notifications in specific categories… The config is:


But, in some moment, one of the categories followed disappear and the “enable mailing list” is unchecked.

I cannot find out who or what is modifying these settings…

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Search your site settings for mailing list, there is a setting to disable mailing list mode and it is on by default. Reason being this option is kind of dangerous and can result in tens of thoudands if emails being sent per day, if users accidentally enable without knowing what they are getting into.

(Julian Somoza) #3

Jeff, that setting is disabled…

(Julian Somoza) #4

It’s possible to disable mailing list for all users, except a specific one?

(Gerhard Schlager) #5

Changes to those default user settings apply only to new users.

No, that’s not possible via site settings. Users will need to disable it themselves or you do it for them in the rails console.