User not appearing in user directory

When searching for a certain user on the leaderboards they don’t appear.
The account does not seem to be banned or experiencing any difficulties and is actually running fine.

Here is the account —

We arent the forum owner but when asked they seem to know nothing about the situation.

They are probably not on the leaderboard.
I can’t find you on the leaderboard here either.
Just use the forum’s main search field.

Is it possible for people to not be on the leaderboard?
And whats the main search feild?

In the top right corner to the left of your avatar and the hamburger menu.

PS: If I go to today’s leaderboard I can find you on it too. Maybe the user you are trying to find only joined today too and therefore isn’t on this week’s leaderboard yet.

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Thanks but this particular person was wondering why they could not view, compare, and compete against others within the overall leaderboards in terms of statistics.

It can take up to 24 hours for new users to appear in the user directory.

I’m moving this to #support. If you still think there’s a bug, please provide steps to reproduce.


Thanks for the response.
The user has been online for a couple months so they are not new.
The whole thing has been bugging them for quite a while now.