User not appearing in user directory

(Rounder) #1

When searching for a certain user on the leaderboards they don’t appear.
The account does not seem to be banned or experiencing any difficulties and is actually running fine.

Here is the account —

We arent the forum owner but when asked they seem to know nothing about the situation.

(Paula Kreuzer) #2

They are probably not on the leaderboard.
I can’t find you on the leaderboard here either.
Just use the forum’s main search field.

(Rounder) #3

Is it possible for people to not be on the leaderboard?
And whats the main search feild?

(Paula Kreuzer) #4

In the top right corner to the left of your avatar and the hamburger menu.

PS: If I go to today’s leaderboard I can find you on it too. Maybe the user you are trying to find only joined today too and therefore isn’t on this week’s leaderboard yet.

(Rounder) #5

Thanks but this particular person was wondering why they could not view, compare, and compete against others within the overall leaderboards in terms of statistics.

(Gerhard Schlager) #6

It can take up to 24 hours for new users to appear in the user directory.

I’m moving this to #support. If you still think there’s a bug, please provide steps to reproduce.

(Rounder) #7

Thanks for the response.
The user has been online for a couple months so they are not new.
The whole thing has been bugging them for quite a while now.