User posts are deleted instantly when removed by staff

Hello there!

We performed an upgrade from version 2.0.0 to 2.1.6 yesterday.
Since then, our moderators and staff noticed a strange and bugging behaviour:

  • When a user deletes his own post, the staff can still see it for the duration of the “delete removed posts after” setting (24h) to follow the conversation history
  • When a moderator (or admin) deletes a post from a regular user (!), the post first gets the little “deleted by…” info icon, but after a refresh of the page, the post is removed completely from the thread (and the DOM). There is no “view 1 deleted post” notice, where the removed post was previously.
  • But when a staff member removes a post from another staff member, it works and the post gets successfully replaced by the “view 1 deleted post” notice
  • on the “deleted posts” subpage on a user profile, the removed post gets listed, but this is extremely cumbersome to work with

On a test forum with 2.1.3, this behaviour doesn’t exist. On 2.1.6, it does.

Either this is a setting I didn’t find (and we didn’t change when upgrading!), or this seems to be a bug.

No repro, I just posted via my test user, then deleted it from my admin user. Everything looks as expected.

Are you running any custom plugins? Did you follow the official install instructions?


Was this on the old version 2.1 as reported above, or current 2.2?


Oh, missed that. I tested here on Meta, so that’d be 2.2. I’ll try and find a site running on stable to test…

Realized finding a stable site was not enough, I need admin access so I ended up just doing a new install. Still no repro, “view 1 hidden reply” is visible after refresh as expected.

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It sounds like something is interfering with the display of small action posts. @DoomDesign do you see other small action posts OK? If not, do they display in safe mode?