User Profile Views - dramatic increase in count

(Dean Taylor) #1

I’ve been noticing significant increase in user profile views.

Looking though the Website Performance Reports

… Slight increase in [Anonymous] activity and a couple of IP’s that don’t have accounts assigned to them kinda high up on the activity list.

I’ve added those IP’s to Screened IP's

  • Is this going to stop them influencing the profile view count?
  • Anybody else is seeing similar activity?

Noticing a strange pattern. How high are profile views on your community?
User Profile Views - Extremely High Lately
Noticing a strange pattern. How high are profile views on your community?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Highly likely a bug related to @sam’s refactor of these pages. Good eye.

(Sam Saffron) #3

not seeing this trend here though, looks pretty much the same

(Dean Taylor) #4

Thanks for the feedback. Will keep a further eye on it over the next few weeks.

(cpradio) #5

Funny we were just talking about this in the Sitepoint Slack Channel yesterday.

We’re not on latest, so we don’t have @sam’s refactoring, so I can definitely rule that out for us, but we get random spikes of high user profile visits too. Not sure yet what brings that on, but it happens a few times each month (based on our reports).

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Are we not properly filtering out bots and JS capable webcrawlers here?

(cpradio) #7

I’m not sure. If you need to, feel free to dig into our instance since it is hosted. If you need things outside of our instance, such as GA reports, I can try and put you in touch with someone who can look at those.

Personally, I’m not terribly concerned, I don’t care if crawlers are getting to the profile page. However, maybe it is due to being a sub-folder install? Does the robots.txt properly block indexing of the profile page for sub-folder installs? @DeanMarkTaylor are you a sub-folder install by chance?

I simply wanted @DeanMarkTaylor to know he isn’t the only one who has noticed these stats rising/spiking.

(Dean Taylor) #8

Nope, not a sub-folder install.

It’s appreciated @cpradio :wink:

(Dean Taylor) #9

It seems adding those IP addresses to “Screened IP’s” does nothing to prevent them influencing the count.

Is this expected?

(Kane York) #10

Yes, that only affects signups.

(Alan Tan) #11

@DeanMarkTaylor Are you using

See User Profile Views - Extremely High Lately

(Dean Taylor) #12

Nope, I’ve never used it and wouldn’t - it would expose private information & conversations to a 3rd party.

(Alan Tan) #13

Hmm ok some tips on debugging would be to look at the UserProfileViews table for the dates you’re seeing spikes to see if anything is abnormal.

(Dean Taylor) #14

Generally I’m seeing a large number of different users profiles being viewed by the same IP address.

For example here are the results of running the following query:

    date_trunc('day', viewed_at) as day,
    concat(left(cast(ip_address as text), 8), right(md5(cast(ip_address as text)), 8)) as masked_ip_address,
    COUNT(*) as count
    user_profile_views v
    ip_address != '<Internal Known IP Address>'
    count(*) > 100
    day, count DESC

Here I “masked” the IP address to prevent any privacy issues.

Also completing a lookup doesn’t reveal that they are from a major search engine:

Any help?