User trust limits per Category

(Chris Sorrows) #1

Is it possible to implement a special user limit for a specific Category?

Here is the situation:

Our forum is having a 3D printing contest. The users are to post images of their entry in a thread inside a special contest Category. Without raising the new user image post limit of the entire forum, is there a way to raise it just for this Category/topic?

The situation is that members from our FaceBook group will be joining the forum to post their entries. I do not wish to raise the limit across the forum as it would allow spamming other topics.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is no way to do this at the current time. I don’t think raising the image limit for new users is particularly risky though.

(Chris Sorrows) #3

Thanks for the reply @codinghorror. I’ll just do that. :smiley: