User Tutorial Video

(Dan Halpern) #1


My organization recently launched a discourse forum, and some users don’t understand how to use the site (i.e. how the categories work, how to post in different categories, etc.). I’ve tried writing explanations and taking screenshots of different pages, but I think a screen-captured video might be the simplest and best explanation tool. Does a generic Discourse video tutorial like this exist, or has anyone made one that might be able to help these users out?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Nothing like this exists to my knowledge. You might have better results if you respond to the questions your users specifically ask, so that you are covering just the aspects that they need help with.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

I recently ran into this handy video tutorial by the Mozilla team:

It covers all of the basics quite nicely. Backing resources like this up with written material is still very helpful though, since people will search for explanations and can get pin-pointed directions that way.

(Dan Halpern) #4

Thanks Jeff. I have inquired into the specific issues, but I think the main issue may just be an overwhelm of a new digital interface for less tech-savvy individuals. :confused:

(Dan Halpern) #5

Thanks Erlend – that is a good generic video. I may just need to make my own to cover all our forum’s bases and not further confuse users.