User Visits Indicator


Can anyone explain to me what is this indicator? It’s per user? Or every visit in a day of the same user?

Did you check the posts above^ before posting? Just making sure, that your question hasn’t already been adressed in an existing topic.

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Thank you @Thomas_G

Another question, can you explain to me consolidated pageviews? The number of anonymous user in this metric in my community doesn’t make sense because in my community its only logged users. And what is crawlers?

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Consolidated pageviews means combined views. (From Crawlers, logged in users and anonymous users)

A Web Crawler (also known as a search engine spider, searchbot, robot) is a program which is used by search engine to find what is new on Internet (website). This process is called Crawling. Web Crawler makes a beginning by crawling the pages of websites. Then it indexed the words and contents found on that website.

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