Usercard does not resize for obnoxiously large images

(Kane York) #1

← click over there, see for yourself

image for history: link

(by the way, the punchline is here)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I don’t know if there’s any sane way to handle that – just specify a max-height and max-width for the <img> tag in the usercard?

Not sure it’s worth it versus the “please don’t do that”, and “if you keep doing that, there will be consequences” non-technical solution.

Overall: meh.

(Kane York) #3

That’s fine with me. I think I’ll be removing it soon, because it also makes the “View Profile” and “Send PM” buttons really hard to press.

(Sam Saffron) #4

I don’t see the point of allowing images on the usercard and disallowing them in the profile, it just feels arbitrary / wrong.

We should scrub the profile so it looks the same in both spots

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Agree, @eviltrout can you make sure the usercard is using the same logic as the user page in displaying profile info?

(Sam Saffron) #6

I think this is on @zogstrip’s plate, images + text should be capped at a fixed height.

(Régis Hanol) #7

I fixed it a couple of days ago but added some more CSS to better handle images

(Régis Hanol) #8

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