Username filter is broken in personal messages if user has only replied once (PMs)

(Stefan Brand) #1

Hi everybody,

we are running v1.6.0.beta7 +16 on the Fairphone forum and since a short time I cannot filter posts in a PM by a user anymore by clicking on the profile picture.

When I click on a user’s profile picture, only the user card appears. Summarizing works as expected and I can also search posts in the PM using “user:username”.

Do you experience the same? Do you need further information?

Cheers, Stefan

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

You need to click twice, once to show the user card than again on the user card filter button. Is that not working for you?

(cpradio) #4

Where are you clicking, as I’m able to on the iPad Air 2. Using the username on the post or the Topic Summary (not the invite list – invite list just redirects me to their profile)

(Jeff Atwood) #5

No repro this works fine. Click or tap twice, once to open user card, again to filter (on the filter button on the user card that appears)

(Stefan Brand) #6

Hey, thanks for the heads up and thank you for moving the post to the correct category. As being a moderator on that other forum I know how frustrating it can be when users post in the wrong category all the time… :wink:

It might be that there is still a bug because I found some anomaly: When a user has multiple posts in that PM the filter button does appear:

(I love that I can copy-paste pictures into the post editor…! Thank you for implementing this!)

But when a user has only one post, the filter button is not there:

It can be quite cumbersome to find that user’s post in a PM with 123 replies, if you don’t know the search tag “user:username”.

I cannot check if filtering a single post by a user works here on meta because I haven’t written PMs here.