Username Used for Sending Flagged & Hidden Post PM

(Hannah Fordham) #1

When enough people flag a post for it to be hidden, a PM is sent. However this PM doesn’t come from the System user (at least not on my forum) as most System-y posts do. I can’t find a setting to alter who it does come from, but I would like to change it.

Anyone know where I can set that?

(Stephanie) #2

That PM should come from the same account as the Welcome message.

Check under “required” in the admin settings.

site contact username

A valid staff username to send all automated messages from. If left blank the default System account will be used.

(Hannah Fordham) #3

It doesn’t seem to. I removed that setting so it was sending most messages as System but that one still seemed to come from me. I’ve now set it to the name of another admin on the site to see whether that forces it to change. Thanks! :slight_smile: