Usernames and full names question

(Torbjørn Bergwitz Lauen) #1

Hi! Is it

  1. Possible to change the label “full name” to “character name” and
  2. Only show the full/character name instead of username?

The reason behind this is because I’m running a forum for a game guild, and people tend to want to use their traditional usernames even though these does not correspond with their character names.

(Chris Saenz) #2
  1. I don’t think so.

  2. Username / full name unsuppression is planned, not implemented yet.

The idea being, once you unsuppress all the data, use CSS to block the parts you don’t want.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

The above is incorred, see the show full names site setting. Disable to suppress.

Oh wait it is correct. You wanted to suppress the Full Name in favor of username. That is not possible at the moment.

(Torbjørn Bergwitz Lauen) #4

Is it possible to change the label “full name” to “character name” at least?