Users bypassing the 10-character rule

(Sean Wangnick) #1

Users in our community are using BBCode to bypass our 10-character minimum rule when posting in a topic. For example, if someone just says “Yes”, Discourse won’t let you post it. To get around that, simply type:


which comes out as:


This completely defeats the purpose of the 10-character minimum rule, because now users feel more free to use the forum as a chat room, instead of a very large book of archived information that can be looked back on later.

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(Sam Saffron) #2

This is essentially a battle you can not win. If we seal this one they will just come up with another one.

Post blankish unicode, post a blank image prefixing the yes, etc.

The way to handle this is simply to flag as abuse and tell them to stop.

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You could count the characters in the rendered output, but that’s an ugly hack… .

(se oli tonnin seteli) #4

Ssshhh, me and my users are having hard enough time as it is circumventing restrictions such as not being able to like your own posts :smile:

Seriously though, structurally I suppose it’s ugly but then again output is what matters.

However, if this type of behaviour is considered a problem, I’d ask myself is it just me or can some questions simply be answered with just one word, rather than enforce a culture of ratting just because your policies can rightfully be considered silly?

(J) #5

There are times when the best expressions aren’t very wordy. So a vote down on 10-characters.

Yet, when I reconsidered my intended short messages, it sorta all boils down to a “heart”, except… I’ve never liked “like” in any forum.

And what about when my shortest utterances fall outside of a like/heart. For examples:
I disagree.
I wouldn’t.
Not likely.

In our forum, the 10-character rule ends up with posts like:
It said my post was too short so I had to add unneeded words; so how are you? I just was going to say I disagree.


Hmmm My teacher always said shorter is better but not here, I guess. Was going to post something short…e.g… I wouldn’t. Gee, glad it wasn’t any longer or I would have forgotten what I was going to say! :wink: There! now I am over the limit!

So which is better? A short on-topic message, or a rule that introduces unneeded commentary about a forum rule? :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #6

So set it to one character on your Discourse. What’s the problem, exactly?

(J) #7

I didn’t mean to irritate you. I was just giving some feedback.

I’ll ask if they might adjust the length. Thank you.