Users Cannot Create New Accounts

(Melissa) #1

Hi Discourse Team,

We’ve had several new users contact us today indicating that they are unable to create new accounts. Even when all the required information is entered, the “Create New Account” button is disabled.

We have not changed anything about our setup, and this was not an issue several days ago. In our investigation, we also noticed this behavior on other external sites hosted by Discourse.

Is there something we must do on our end to fix this? What is the ETA for the fix?

Thank you!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I remember a problem like this having to do with required login field settings. Can you have a look @techapj?

(Sam Saffron) #3

This happened because you had both settings:

enable names set to false
full name required set to true

So you were telling us, require “full names” on all accounts, but never display them. This combo causes issues.

I fixed the root cause here:

In the meantime (it will take us a few days to deploy) I disabled the full name required site setting.

(Melissa) #4

Thanks as always, Jeff and Sam. Didn’t realize there was an issue with the combination of settings. (Thinking here is that while forum Admins would like to have access to the names, not everyone is comfortable sharing their name with other members or, especially, anonymous users.) Must be coincidence that we’ve had no other concerns/complaints about new user registrations until today, when we had a few.