Users dropdown menu broken

Hello on your forum when you go to users press for example today and then year then press back on your mobile. It does not go back. I have tried this on all the forums I am on and it happens. This is 2.5.0 beta 2. See video below (observe me pressing return button on the left)


(I am on Android)


Can repro on my phone (android) as well.


Same thing happens to me when I swipe from the left to go back on iPadOS. It happens on all the set time frames. This was tested on Meta.

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I think this would be fixed by:

We have other routes with the exact same pattern and dropdown which work perfectly line, the only difference I could find is this line which has been added 5 years ago and is highly suspicious as it’s breaking the inheritance chain.

Other solution would be to set period to be replaced but that would prevent going back on various period states.

What do you think of this @eviltrout ?


Changing this stuff is riskier than it seems. If often breaks the back button.

I think we can do it but we should be prepared for stuff to possibly break.



I tried a lot of times and it wasn’t breaking, and it’s currently broken, so I will try I think. Also we have this configuration at other very similar pages, so if it breaks it, it probably breaks other pages too in a way we haven’t found yet.


Thanks for the effort so far team! :blush:

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FYI I will wait a little bit before backporting this.

Are you running iPadOS 13.3.1? I can reproduce the problem on that version.

That was the version I tried it out on