Users getting emailed for topic and not topic and replies


how which one do i use to just let users get emailed for just the topic alone?
ie: gets emailed for topics made by myself in the announcement category but not replies

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Er what? I can’t understand what you wrote?

I think you mean “watching first post”?


uhh sorry lol. i kinda suck at explaining…
i guess it is? i just want them to get emailed when i make a new thread in that category, and not when users reply , i made a mistake and users got email spammed because of multiple replies on announcement thread

(Simon Cossar) #4

You could put your announcements in a category that has the security permissions ‘everyone’ can see and only staff can create/reply/see. You can then add it to the default_categories_tracking setting. Users will be notified when a topic is created, but won’t be notified about replies, because there won’t be any replies.


yes i know that, that’s what i did but i kinda wanted to get a little discussion going when i make an announcement and get feedback, that was my goal