Users Have to Refresh Page to See New Messages

Since last month, my users (including myself) have to refresh the page a few times an hour so see new messages on group chats. The notifications bar shows that there are new posts, but they do not show up if the user is already on the group chat.

When this happens, they also can’t view who liked posts or jump to other posts (posts people replied to or quote). They’re pretty much stuck until they refresh the page.

Is there any reason this might happen?

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Do you mean in a topic used as a chat, a private message, or a chat inside the Babble plugin?


It mainly affects private messages. Particularly group chats

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Is there any kind of reverse proxy between your server and your users? Is anything else installed on the same server? Are you using something like Cloudflare?

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I don’t think so. There shouldn’t be anything else on the server. I’m using digital ocean

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Hiya, I’m still having this issue, along with a few others that are connected.

The issue is now happening on actual posts from time to time, too. When this happens, it won’t let you look at who liked anyone’s posts and it won’t let you look at the post someone was replying to, either. Sometimes when it’s bad, it displays just a sort of “blank” page that just has the header and the reply button on it (I’ll send pictures the next time this happens).

It’s been happening on a range of browsers and devices and I can’t figure it out!